Survey Results: What We Learned From the Pandemic

What We Learned from the Pandemic.jpg

What You'll Learn Inside This Whitepaper

We conducted a survey of our member database about business during the pandemic and received responses from 100 people. All were owners and leaders of small-  to mid-size businesses. 

We asked them to look back at the months of January to May 2020 and consider the impacts of the pandemic on their companies both positive and negative. 

From the responses we received, we saw that the pandemic had positive effects on efficiency, communication and technological advancement as well as communication, emotional intelligence and decision making. But there were some strongly negative effects on revenue, growth, and the health and wellbeing of employees.

To help them deal with current and future challenges, we recommended four different options:

  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) helps companies predict and cope with challenging circumstances using leadership and strategic planning. 
  • The Accelerate Leadership Program offers a comprehensive solution to coaching, training, assessments, accountability and interpersonal communication. 
  • Executive Coaching Services help talented and ambitious people focus their energy on helping an organization achieve its vision. 
  • Custom Leadership Development is built with your unique company in mind. Resources and methods are tailored specifically for your organization.